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No internet,
No problem.


VASTFixed offers primary connectivity for hard-to-connect places.

From new business construction to rural internet needs, VASTFixed offers connectivity where traditional wireline providers may not. VASTFixed offers primary connectivity with our carrier-agnostic, cellular LTE internet smart SIM solution for uniquely located and remote businesses. 

VASTFixed takes the benefits of VASTSmartSIM's month-to-month billing flexibility, no contract term, MB vs. GB billing, and expands upon them for customers interested in utilizing a single carrier credential for ultimate quality connectivity. 

Access to Carrier Credentials 

VASTFixed utilizes carrier subscriber credentials. What does that mean for you? VASTFixed customers are viewed as the primary on the carrier’s network resulting in top-tier Quality of Service (QoS) and increased customer satisfaction!  


Our customers have successfully used VASTFixed for: 

Use Cases:

Machine to Machine (M2M)

Vending  |  ATM

Point of Sale (POS)

Fixed Sensors

Low Bandwidth


Security Systems

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