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Stop the search for affordable network failover. Protect your connection with 

Business continuity is essential. Imagine how much revenue could be lost if your business’s primary internet fails. 

VASTFailover is the smart SIM solution every business needs. Whether you’re in retail, enterprise, restaurants, and anything in between, VASTFailover offers you an affordable, reliable failover solution to save your business from the pain of unexpected downtime.

AND it comes with everything you love about VASTSmartSIM's, month-to-month billing flexibility, no contract terms, and MB vs. GB billing.  

Does your existing device have a SIM Slot 2? 


What if the carrier you choose for failover goes down along with your primary Internet? Look no further for a SIM Slot 2 solution. VASTFailover is our clients’ #1 SIM Slot 2 choice, serving as dependable backup connectivity.




Does low-cost network failover sound too good to be true?

Contact us today to set up a demo and let us prove it to you. 
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