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Rate Plans


Effortless IoT

VAST is forging the future with new-age mobility technology. We’re simplifying IoT, tapping into flexible connectivity, and equipping our clients to reap all the rewards. 

Disruptively Priced

Pay for the exact data you use. No complex rate plans to understand.

Easy Billing

Get access to multiple carriers without paying multiple bills. Our streamlined billing process stands out.

Scalable Rate Plans

Volume pricing that just makes sense. Straight forward discount tiers that reduce data costs quickly.

Worldwide Coverage

Access the internet across
cellular networks in

195 countries.

VAST in Action

For more use cases

VAST + Hyperion360°

More than your typical IoT solution.

Common complexities spreading throughout the IoT space are no match for VAST and our industry-leading master distributor, Hyperion Partners. Hyperion’s full-service lifecycle solution Hyperion360° navigates the device lifecycle from start to finish. 

In search of:


We’ll get to know your business and source a range of top-of-the-line devices and equipment from our well-developed, diverse portfolio. 


Our financing options give you freedom to make the right decisions for your organization. 


Hyperion's 32,000 sq ft warehouse and logistics facility quickly fulfills, stages, provisions, kits and tracks orders. 

And more? 

Our customers need complete IoT solutions, and we’re one of the only companies that can provide them. Harness the power of VAST + Hyperion360°. 

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