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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I complete an order with T-Mobile for VAST Locate services, what’s next? 


A: Customers who have signed & submitted the TMO T’s & C’s must complete the below steps. If equipment order is not completed and paid, this will delay activation of VAST Locate services and shipment of VAST Locate equipment. 


Equipment order can be completed via this hyperlink: VAST Locate equipment order


Q: How do I process an order for VAST Locate hardware? 


Steps to complete VAST Locate order:

  • Step 1: Log onto the VAST Ordering Portal to purchase the hardware.  We recommend T-Mobile Account Managers to complete this with customers, to ensure equipment order is completed properly. Note: the Order # provided by T-Mobile will be required to be entered during the ordering process. Please ensure this is available at time of equipment order. See below 

  • ​Step 2: Once the equipment order has been completed, the customer will be invoiced directly to have payment processed.

  • Step 3: Once payment has been received, within 24hrs customer activations will be processed with T-Mobile. Note that processing of activations and order fulfillment may take 5-7 business days. Tracking information will not be available until equipment is shipped.  

Q: What if I want to order an additional parts?


A: Complete the order via the website. You will not need a TMO Sales order for accessory orders. If you are not sure which accessory order you need, contact

Q: What if I have completed my T-Mobile service agreement and have completed my equipment order via the separate website, what’s next? 


A: Customers will receive a separate email requesting payment after order notification has been received. Hyperion is offering ACH and credit card options. If customer wants another payment option, please reply to the payment request. 

Q: What if I have questions regarding my equipment order? 

A: Contact your T-mobile Rep or

Q: What is the warranty or return policy? 



Q: What is the process if I want to swap out devices with the same IMEIs? 


A: Submit IMEIs for both devices that you want to swap to

Q: I receive VASTLocate equipment, what’s next? 

  • Step 1: Refer to email “Welcome to VAST Locate (Customer Name)” from

  • Step 2: Read and acknowledge EULA as detailed in the email.

  • Step 3: Within 24 hours of completing Step 2, you’ll receive portal login credentials. This email is autogenerated and may filter to Spam folder.

  • Step 4: Register for and attend your first training.


For less than 15 units: you will receive a welcome email from vast support which will have a link to the portal overview. 


For 15 or greater: In addition to the Welcome Email, you’ll receive an invitation to schedule a one-on-one training session with a VASTLocate Team Member who can provide tips on things like how to add users, track assets, create Geo-Fences, and more.


If you need help logging in, use the technical support tools available below or have the customer contact


Example of welcome email













For platform questions: 

For T-Mobile billing questions:

  • Refer back to TMO Rep or T-Mobile Business Care 844-810-0687 

For hardware or anything else: 


Q: How do I log in?  


A: The POC on the account will receive an automated email from the portal with        temporary password.  

Example of email with username and password 

Q: What if I have my log in but need an overview of the platform? 

A: Click the following link:


Q: What are the technical support options available to me?

For platform questions: 

For T-Mobile billing questions:

  • Refer back to TMO Rep or T-Mobile Business Care 844-810-0687 

For hardware or anything else: 


Q: Who gets alerts when assets are moving? 

A: The notification can be sent to any email that is configured in the VASTLocate Portal. The email can be the same for all devices or different for each device.  SMS available as well.


Q: Do the alerts communicate location updates?  

A: Yes, the alerts can be set depending on tracker functionality, to report on motion, or to relay location at specific preprogrammed times. 


Q: How long do push batteries last? 

A: Battery life will vary depending on battery capacity and the number of times per day the device is set to report to the platform its data. 


Q: What level of location accuracy is there? 

A: Location is approximately 3 meters.


Q: Can the asset tracker be pre-configured before installation? 

A: Yes, device is configured in the portal before installation. Some devices can receive updates over the air. 


Q: How long does it take to install the Asset Tracking solution? 

A: Depending on the tracker, installation can be a matter of seconds using a magnetic mount or could be installed in a matter of minutes with a bolted installation. 

Q: What does the price include? 


  • All Necessary Hardware 

  • Full Installation Service 

  • Complete On-Site Training Service 

  • App Access with Unlimited Users 

  • On-Site Testing and Certification

  • Connectivity (Billed by T-Mobile):

    • One Time Activation ($15 per device) 

    • + $5 MRC Plan 

Q: How is data protected? 

A: The solution ensures the highest standards of data protection with end-to-end, embedded AES 128-bit encryption.  


Q: Are you compliant with GDPR and/or CCPA? 


A: Yes 


Q: What mobile operating systems is the app compatible with? 

A: iOS/Android.  

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