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Multi-IMSI Technology 

VASTTransit’s Multi-IMSI Technology Provides
On-the-Move Cellular Connectivity 


A restoration company travels to customer locations to service a range of damage and repair needs. The company’s employees are constantly moving around and need to stay connected to cellular data in order to access the company’s database and run transactions. While researching, the company discovered that while single connections limit traveling device capabilities, multi-IMSI connections provide employees with the best carrier connection wherever they may be. Leadership chose VASTTransit’s multi-IMSI technology to provide their employees the ability to protect their cellular connection while on the move.    

Vertical Market:  

SMB, Enterprise  


A restoration company was searching for a solution that could keep traveling employees and their devices connected to the internet at all times.  

VAST Solution:  

  • VASTTransit 

  • VAST Portal 

  • Hyperion360° DEPLOY (third-party logistics/3PL) 

  • Work with customer on device selection (low-cost or high-end options available)  

  • Offer continued support 


The company utilizes VASTTransit to ensure employees and their devices stay connected with multi-IMSI technology. VASTTransit allows the customer to access all major carriers in the United States. As any of the company’s employees drive from one customer site to another, VASTTransit seamlessly pivots to the carrier with the most optimal connection.  

Learn More:

Are you in need of multi-IMSI technology? Contact us today to learn more.  

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