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GPS Tracking System 

Lake Resort Revolutionizes Rental Management with VASTLocate’s Advanced GPS Tracking System


A lake-based resort and marina that rents out boats and jet skis was looking to minimize manual equipment tracking efforts with a GPS tracking system and live updates. After researching available GPS tracking devices, the company chose VASTLocate’s wired tracker, the GV600MG, to automatically report the exact location of all its equipment and provide up-to-date timestamps.  

Vertical Market:  

Retail, Enterprise, SMB   


The company needs a GPS tracking system to locate equipment in a timely manner and maximize sales opportunities.  

VAST Solution:  

  • VASTLocate (hardware and platform included)

  • Hyperion360° DEPLOY (third-party logistics/3PL) 

  • Work with customer on device selection (low-cost or high-end options available)  

  • Offer continued support 


The company utilizes VASTLocate to track and monitor the history of its rentals. The easy-to-use VASTLocate app allows users to easily find device and equipment information with its GPS tracking capabilities. For only $5 per month, the company also has access to wireless connectivity.   

Learn More:

Are you in need of GPS tracking solutions? Contact us today to learn more.  

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