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Global Connectivity Solutions 

VASTGlobal Improves an International Medical
Technology Company’s Global Connectivity 


An international medical technology company that runs medical studies found it difficult to manage their multi-country deployments and started researching new global connectivity solutions. Previously, the company had employees across the globe monitoring multiple carriers, portals and invoices.  They needed a one-stop shop for global connectivity. The company’s search for global connectivity solutions ended with VASTGlobal, our global smart SIM solution, combined with our full services. 

Vertical Market:  

Enterprise, Global Businesses, Multi-Country Employers 


The company was looking for a way to identify the best cellular carriers for multi-country deployments without wasting time or money. They also needed a way to organize the data and keep carrier-selection, portals and invoices in one place. 

VAST Solution:  

  • Coordinate cellular network selection with carrier 

  • Work with customer on device selection (low-cost or high-end options available)  

  • Offer continued support 


The company was able to deploy a medical device trial to 87 countries with VASTGlobal. VAST provided a single eSIM that serviced all of the company’s desired countries, a single SIM management portal and  a unified billing platform. The company can now monitor statistics and reliably update their database multiple times per day from multiple locations. 

Learn More:

Are you in need of global connectivity solutions? Contact us today to learn more.  

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