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|  Case Study


VASTFailover Provides
Effective Solution
to a Large Northeastern Convenience Store 


A large chain of convenience stores/gas stations across Pennsylvania identified that connectivity outages were a leading cause of revenue loss. The company was on the hunt for successful convenience store failover solutions to keep their POS systems inside and at the pumps online. The convenience store solution the company ultimately chose was VASTFailover, VAST’s carrier-agnostic, cellular LTE backup smart SIM solution for secondary failover.  

Vertical Market:  

Retail, Convenience Stores, Enterprise, SMB 


The convenience store/gas station chain was looking for a solution to eliminate loss of internet connection. The right solution will save the company money and maintain their customers’ trust in their abilities to provide services without fail. 

VAST Solution:  

  • VASTFailover 

  • Hyperion360° DEPLOY (third-party logistics/3PL) 

  • Coordinate cellular network selection with carrier 

  • Work with customer on device selection (low-cost or high-end options available)  

  • Offer continued support  


The customer protects their connection for as low as $1.50/month. The company utilizes VAST Smart SIM when their primary connection went down. This allowed them to continue processing payments and collecting revenue. The regional manager tested live with the VAST team, disabled primary connection and reported a seamless failover to VAST. He stated that his employees did not notice any change while they were processing payments. 

Learn More: 

Are you in need of convenience store solutions or failover? Contact us today to learn more.  

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