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Cold Chain Logistics and High-Value Shipments  

VASTLocate Successfully Provides Cold Chain Logistics for High-Value Shipments    


An importer of high-value products requires its shipments to stay at a cool temperature

(cold chain logistics) to ensure shipments arrive ready to sell. The company needs to record any temperature issues with the shipment that may have caused harm to the order for an accurate insurance claim. These shipments are valued at over $1,000,000. The importer chose VASTLocate to track both the location of the high-value shipment as well as the temperature inside.

Vertical Market:  

Cold Chain, Luxury Goods, Logistics, Transportation     


Collect and maintain accurate temperature data of high-value shipments using cold chain logistics to allow the client to accept the shipment and sell product.  

VAST Solution:  

  • VASTLocate (hardware and platform included)

  • Hyperion360° DEPLOY (third-party logistics/3PL) 

  • Work with customer on device selection (low-cost or high-end options available)  

  • Offer continued support 


The company utilizes VASTLocate to track and monitor their cold chain, high-value orders. With the boomerang tracker method, a rechargeable GL521MG with a built-in temperature sensor + a prepaid return envelope, the importer found great success. Hyperion Partners, VAST’s 3PL provider, sent a ready-to-deploy solution to the importer. This allowed the company to track the shipment’s location and temperature via the VASTLocate web portal or the easy-to-use app. Once the shipment successfully arrived and was vetted, the tracker in the pre-paired envelope was dropped into the mail, returned to base and prepared to be sent on the next shipment.     

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